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GRIMA LIVES! (x-posted)

So check it out guys....

(cut for size of photo of shirt!)

So there it is! I hadnt expected them to out it on a shirt for the test but wow is it pretty. note the color is off a bit because of the flash. the real colors are black t-shirts with royal blue print. The stickers will look the same excepting they will have a blue border. Theres one little nitpicky error I wanted fixed but he'd have had to redo the whole thing so I said never mind. its only something id notice so I let it go. I'm really impressed with the ink and stuff they use. its a really good thick screenprint ink. not some shotty computer lazer print thing(which is why we didnt go with any online company). I'm really excited for the first batch to be done. if they sell well I'll be able to make more and make the dourif forum shirts down the road in Jan.

I'm only going to have a limited number in each size so when I post them on ebay you better get them quick! I plan to post it privately on the forum first for those who made their size requests and then the rest are up for grabs. they are going to be a bit more expensive than planed but not by much and they will still be less than a normal band t-shirt youd get at a consert or hot topic or somewhere.
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Deleted comment

I'm not going to say what it is.

Deleted comment

I'm not trying to be mean. I just don't want to ruin it for everyone else because of something I, as an artist noticed. You guys will never see it if I don't point it out. So why ruin the fun?

And no it's not the i. I can't use the accent mark for other reasons.

Over all I think the logo is pretty snazah. It took forever to make.
I love the scrolling snakes! It's "teh pritty!"
nice! I love how the G and S are snakes too. and I honestly can't see an error in it, most of the time I'm completely oblivious to those kinds of things any ways lol. I might have to steal some money from a relative to get one off of ebay heh
I would so totally buy that shirt! Awesome job! That would also look good on book bags and stuff.
Well you will have a chance to do so. I'll be selling shirts and bumper stickers on ebay in a day or two.