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Grima Goodness

Hello, I am Barguestspirit, and I admit to being a Grimaholic for the past few years. It's good to know I'm not the only one who adores the loveable Wormtongue. The poor man recently became the target of my twisted sense of humor, so I thought I'd post it.

For those who know how adorable Grima really is:

Please enjoy: The Adventures of Goofy Grima (AKA Wacky Wormtongue with a side of Silly Saruman)

I'm going to just put the links since there's so many.

Middle earth panty raid

He probably doesn't know any better

A touching moment


Goofball Grima

Gotta love that expression

Gold stars for those who know the lyrics


Because pudding snacks are yummy

Saruman loves his lawn

Orthanc already has a holy grail

*giggle* What do you mean I need professional help?
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I enjoyed the making fun of saruman esp.

Oh and its Fleetwood Mac hes singing....
yeah, I thought Grima deserved the chance to make some jokes at Saruman's expense.

And you're half right, it's Stevie Nicks "Edge of Seventeen" and was from after she went solo (God, I'm such a nerd), but I'll give that one to ya anyway. *gives gold star*
Yeah I was battleing back and forth between her solo stuff and feetwood mac and I didnt want to cheat and look it up to make sure.

At least I knew the song :)

As I always do. Can I borrow your comics for the website?

(I run

I've been asking people for things like this for a while because we don't have as many as some other things.

I'll obviously give you credit for you work. We work hard to give everyone credit where its deserved.
Sure! I would be flattered to have that on a Grima website.
This was perhaps the most awesomest thing I've ever seen.
LOL, I'm glad you enjoyed them!
Hehehehe - "isn't called 'Wormtongue' for nothing".
Really cool!

-snarryvader81 (aka Anna)